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School Archery Equipment
Equipment for Schools & Educational Use

Thomas Sports specialises in quality Archery equipment for schools, colleges, primary schools, Archery clubs, universities and other educational authorities

We have supplied Archery equipment to a wide range of happy customers for many years and provide quality Archery kit at very low prices. We always run big discounts for web customers so be sure to check us out.

Thomas Sports offers one of the largest ranges of Archery kit and equipment in the UK with Archery equipment such as Straw bosses, target faces, Bows, Arrows, Bowstrings, target pins, braces and finger tabs, archery netting, ground quivers and bow kits and we offer great discounts on RRP prices.

  • Archery Equipment including round straw bosses, square straw bosses, Target faces square, archery target stands, target pins, bows, fibreglass bows, archery sets, archery bracers and finger tabs and archery safety netting.
  • Archery bows and arrows including childrens and junior bows, ladies bows, mens bows, kids archery bows, fibreglass bows, fibreglass arrows, aluminium arrows 28inch arrows, 30inch arrows, ground quivers and bowstrings 40inch 52inch and 62inch.
  • Archery Kits including archery starter sets, children`s archery sets, school archery sets and adults starter kits.
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