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School Athletics Equipment
Athletics Equipment for Schools & Educational Use

Thomas Sports specialises in quality athletics equipment for schools, colleges, primary schools, athletics clubs, prisons, armed forces, universities and other educational authorities

We have supplied athletics equipment to a wide range of happy customers for many years and provide quality athletics kit at very low prices. We always run big discounts for web customers so be sure to check us out.

Thomas Sports offers one of the largest ranges of athletics kit and equipment in the UK with athletics equipment such as high jump mats and high jump bars,indoor and outdoor shots, discus, athletics hammers, javelins, hurdles starting blocks as well as some great athletics starter kits and we offer great discounts on RRP prices.

  • Indoor athletics kits and sets, junior athletics sets, indoor long jump mats, indoor hurdles, speed bounce mats, indoor triple jump mats, throwing kits and jumping sets.
  • Indoor athletics equipment such as foam javelins, bull nosed javelins, turbo javelins, rubber shots, rubber discus, rubber hammers, athletics reversaboard, mini hurdles and indoor long jump mats
  • Javelins that include competition javelins, training javelins, javelin balls, foam javelins, 400g, 500gm, 600gm, 700gm and 800gm javelins and javelin racks
  • Hurdles that include alloy hurdles, springback hurdles, self return hurdles, rollback hurdles, senior hurdles, junior and childrens hurdles, competition hurdles and folding hurdles
  • Athletics starting blocks that include sprinting starting blocks, starting blocks for sprinters, adjustable starting blocks, kids and childrens starting blocks and mens and womens starting blocks
  • Tug of war ropes such as soft tug of war ropes, 30m tug of war rope, 22m tug of war rope and 4 way tug of war ropes
  • Measuring wheels, trundle wheels, measuring tapes 10m, 15m, 20m, 30m, 50m, 60m and 100m, open winder measuring tapes and closed case measuring tapes.
  • Athletics hammers that include unturned hammers, kids and childrens hammers, 4kg hammers, hammer handles and hammer wire
  • Athletics discus such as rubber discus, wood discus, steel discus, 0.75kg. 1kg, 1.25kg and 1.5kg discus, childrens discus, junior discus, schools discus and discus racks
  • Athletics shots including indoor shots, competition shots, foam shots, rubber shot, children`s and kids shots, junior shots, primary school shots 2.72kg, 3.25kg, 4kg and 5kg shots and shot racks and storage
  • High jump mats which include club and school high jump mats, spike proof mat covers, high jumps stands, high jump bars and high jump laths and platform slides.
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