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School Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics & Dance Equipment
Gymnastics Equipment for Schools & Educational Use

Thomas Sports is a specialist supplier of quality Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics and Dance Equipment to schools, colleges, Gymnastics clubs, Leisure Centres, Primary schools, Universities and other Educational Authorities.

We have been supplying a wide range of happy customers for many years and provide quality kit and equipment at a very low price. We always have discounted offers running so be sure to check us out.

Thomas Sports offers one of the largest selections of Gymnastics and Rhythmic Gymnastics equipment in the UK with equipment from Niels Larsen, Continental, Mercury, Trio, Super Nova, Gym Time, Unitramp and first play and offer great discounts on many items.

Gymnastic Equipment

  • Gymnastic benches including balance benches, school benches, wooden primary school benches, gymnastic benches, coloured benches, lightweight school benches, childrens school benches and childrens seating
  • Gymnastics equipment such as balance beams, floor balance beams, carpeted balance beams, spring boards, beating boards, vaulting boxes, gymnastics horses and bucks, vaulting horse, bar box, gym planks and agility planks, wall bars, climbing frames, gym rocker, Agility and children`s trestles, agility and children`s stools, gym linking poles and tables
  • Childrens gymnastic equipment including, soft gymnastics ramps and wedges, soft gymnastics equipment, kids gymnastics and junior gym equipment
  • Gymnastics matting including crash matts, vaulting mats, spotting mats, gymnastics floor mats, lightweight gym mats, folding gym mats, linking gym mats, agility mats and safety matting
  • Gym apparatus such as mini trampette, trampolines, mini trampolines, open ended mini tramp, competition trampolines, full size trampolines and school trampolines.
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Rhythmic Gymnastics and Dance Equipment

  • Rhythmic Gymnastics Equipment including pom poms, double poms, childrens pom poms, ribbon wands, gymnastic ribbons, bangle wands, swing ribbon bag, coloured ribbons, ribbon wristbands, wand and ribbons wand and stick ribbon set, dance and gym scarves, flags, cheerleader sets and equipment, gymnastic balls, ribbon wands, gymnastic and dance hoops, ribbons and gymnastic and dance ropes
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