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School Rounders, Mini Rounders and Softball Equipment
Rounders Equipment for Schools & Educational Use

Thomas Sports specialises in quality Rounders, Mini Rounders and Handball equipment for schools, colleges, primary schools, cricket clubs, universities and other educational authorities

We have supplied Rounders, Mini Rounders and Handball equipment to a wide range of happy customers for many years and provide quality cricket kit at very low prices. We always run big discounts for web customers so be sure to check us out.

Rounders Equipment

Thomas Sports offers one of the largest ranges of Rounders and Mini Rounders kit and equipment in the UK with equipment from Aresson, Cliffs, Incrediball, Tactical and Central and we offer great discounts on RRP prices.

  • Rounders Balls by Cliffs, Easton, Incrediball, Tactical, Arrsson and Central
  • Rounders Balls including match quality balls, training rounders balls, school rounders balls, Plastic rounders balls, soft rounders balls, foam rounders balls, leather rounders balls
  • Rounders bats by Aresson including rounders sticks, foam rounders bats, alloy rounders bats, wooden rounders bats, match rounders sticks, flat rounders, kids rounders bat and plastic rounders bat
  • Rounders sticks basket and rounders bat handle grips
  • Mini rounders sets which include rounders posts and bases, bowling tutors and mini rounders kits
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Softball Equipment

  • Softballs by Incrediball, Easton, Central, baden, tactical and Noburst
  • Softball bats including Alloy softball bats, match softball bats, school softball bats, Kids softball bats, adults softball bats, large softball bats, wooden softball bats and foam softball bats
  • Softball and baseball kits and softball and baseball sets
  • Softball equipment including, batting tee, pitchers plate, home plate, indoor bases, outdoor bases, padded softball bases, softball catchers face mask and face guard
  • Softball and baseball catchers mitts also fielders gloves, catching gloves, left hand and right hand fielders gloves and senior and junior catchers mitts
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